Now, is YOUR time.  Today, is YOUR day!  This is YOUR moment… when you decide to unapologetically take control of your own happy, without worrying about what others’ opinions may be. 

Today is the day that you decide to live beyond your titles (parent, spouse, employee, etc) and become the person who you were created to be.

If you have ever wondered…

Why are some people so happy all of the time?

Why does life seem to smile more on some, verses others?

Why do I always get the “short-end” of the stick?

Why can’t I just be HAPPY???

My name is Shelley Meche’tte. 

I am a Certified Life Purpose Coach, Author, International Speaker and Self-Awareness Expert. 

I am passionate about people discovering their purpose so that they are able to live an authentic life of happiness.


NOW is your time to…

Authentically love the person you see in the mirror

Create an influential circle of success

Step outside of the box and walk in complete authority


Invest in your HAPPY with 70 Days of Happy:
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It’s filled with inspirational thoughts and suggestions to keep you in a positive mindset. I appreciated the author for being so candid and sharing her personal stories – especially Day #22 which encourages readers to Release Resentment. I ended up reading one section a day for 70 days and actually found myself smiling as I did. 70 Days of Happy definitely delivers on what it promises.


I added to my devotion time…70 Days of Happy…Life is BETTER When You Smile by Shelley Meche’tte.  Today’s message “TODAY I WILL Make a Choice to be Happy” and today someone told me while I was at a job fair “You Look So Happy”.

Amazing book! Our minds are like computers, we only put out what we put in. This book really reminds us of how our thoughts are a major part of our success.

This book is a MUST READ! My life has definitely changed for the better after practicing these principles. The book is an easy read, practical, and deep. You will not be disappointed!

I must thank you for this amazing book.  Never read a book, then wrote notes.  Excited to test myself and share this new book of inspiring and helpful tips with my family and friends.


Don’t wait.  Don’t talk yourself out of investing in a better you.

Download 70 Days of Happy: Life is BETTER When You Smile, because NOW, is your time to…OWN YOUR HAPPY.